Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Want to earn some cash in your spare time? .....

What is The Utility Warehouse & How Can You Earn Money

The Utility Warehouse provides the following Utilities services to 
household owners & Business owners in the United Kingdom

- Gas
- Electric
- Landline Telephone
- Broadband

They are extremely cheap and offer customers a guarantee that they are
the cheapest 'or they will refund double the difference.

They are a huge award winning company that has won many 'Which' awards.

How Can YOU make money from The Utility Warehouse?

I am looking for a small select team of distributors to work with me to sell
these utilities services and develop a team.

Selling these products is simple because their products are cheaper that most
peoples existing suppliers so people are happy to switch to save money.

When people save money they then also recommend you to friends and family
and that's how your customer base grows - It is really simple. You can start with
Family & Friends and then start pushing it to 'everyone' possible.

The proof of its success is that only 1% of people who sign up for one or more of 
our services leave the company because it is that cheap and good!

Getting Started & Getting Paid

Utilities Warehouse provide you with everything you need to get started
including a custom website - see mine below

You get three levels of payment for customers:

1) When you sign people up you get a one-off payment (averages about £20)

2) You get a monthly payment of 3.5% to 5% of your customers bills every month
(This generally averages at about £5 a month per customer for zero work)

3) If you get a team of distributors under you you also earn 0.5% for every
customer they get and also 0.5% for any customers anyone in their team gets
all of the way down the chain.
(0.5% generally averages at 50p per month per customer)

Example ......

You Sign 10 Customers Up (which is very simple) With Four Services:
You get £200 up front + £50 a month For As Long As They Are A UW Customer

You also sign 3 Distributors up to sell in your team.
They all get 10 customers - that earns you another £15 every month

Your 3 Distributors then sign up 3 Distributors (giving you 12 Distributors)
With each signing up 10 customers that gives you £60 a month

And it just keeps growing and growing - and you keep earning

Plus you are still signing your own customers up.

Plus - get 75 Customers & you get given a FREE Brand New Mini to keep.

What Are The Catches?

There are none - it just takes a little time and promoting and its
not a 'get rich quick scheme' but in a couple of years you can be earning
great money for little or no effort.

What are the costs? There is a one-off set-up fee of £100 and this 
gets you the website + on-line training + 1/2 day training session
+ Everything you need to get you going.

If you sign up 10 people in the first 3 months you get the £100 refunded +
a £100 bonus from the UW (Total £200)

How Long Does A Sign Up Of A Customer Take?

A sign up takes about an hour and gives you payments for life.

Get a great customer base + a few good distributors and you can
make great money for minimal effort.

If you want to discuss this opportunity further please contact
Tony Bowden - 01452 527800 or email tony@smart-comms.co.uk


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