Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Upgrade Your Orange Mobile Phone Early ...

Are you looking to upgrade your mobile phone on Orange?

All you need to do is send us the following information:

1) Your name
2) Your Mobile Number

Send It To …..

07971 399099 (Text It)

We will then let you know if you are able to upgrade early, and
if you can we will look to offer you a fabulous deal with
a shiny sparkling new mobile phone

www.smart-comms.co.uk - 01452 527800

Nokia Lumia 800 Smart Phone - £30pm

Nokia Lumia 800 is Exceptional...

This is the view of the experts and reviewers, and we
recommend this as a fabulous smartphone at a great price.

For just £30 +vat a month we can offer …

900 Minutes
Unlimited Orange To Orange Calls
Unlimited Texts
500Mb Internet & Email Data

Nokia Lumia 800 - Free Of Charge
Nokia Lumia + £75 Cashback - Free Of Charge

To take advantage of this deal or any other excellent mobile phone
deals in Gloucestershire contact tony@smart-comms.co.uk

www.smart-comms.co.uk - 01452 527800

Vinyl Outdoor Banners Printed ….

Quality Vinyl Banners On Sale

Remember at www.smart-comms.co.uk we print quality vinyl banners at extremely cheap prices. Get your banner printed on 500g vinyl, hemmed and eyeletted at a great price.

2ft x 2ft Banner - Just £22.00 +vat *Special Offer*
8ft x 2ft Banner - Just £39.99 +vat *Special Offer*
16ft x 4ft Banner - Just £105 +vat *Special Offer*

Plus - Roller Banners - Printed & Delivered 850 x 2000mm - £45 +vat

Call 01452 527800 or email tony@smart-comms.co.uk

Cheap Printing at www.halfpriceprint.co.uk

The cheapest printers in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury, The Forest Of Dean  … In fact the UK.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Restored my faith in humanity ….

If like myself you have had a hard week of work then check
out wonderful video out shot by a beach-goer in Brazil.

It made my Friday morning feel a whole lot better and I hope
it makes you smile and feel good too!

Friday Special Offers - Today Only

1 x Roller Banner 2000mm x 850mm
Includes Printing & Carry-bag
£45 +vat

500 x Spot UV Business Cards
400gsm Full-Colour Double-Sided
With Matt Lamination - Luxury Cards
£35 +vat

5000 x A6 Gloss Card Flyers
300gsm Double-Sided Full-Colour
£69 +vat

Mobile Phone Deal On Orange
900 Minutes + Unlimited Landline Calls
+ Unlimited Texts + 800Mb Internet & Email
+ 24-Hour Faulty Handset Replacement Service
Free Choice Of Handset**
+ £100 Cashback Cheque As A Thank You 

** Handset Choices: Blackberry 8520, Blackberry 9300, HTC ChaCha,
HTC Explorer, HTC Wildfire S, Nokia C3-01, Samsung Galaxy Mini, 
Samsung Galaxy Ace or Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

To Take advantage of any of these great offers contact
Tony - 01452 527800 or tony@smart-comms.co.uk 

Smart Communications SW Ltd and www.halfrriceprint.co.uk for
Gloucesters greatest deals in Printing, Mobile Phones and
Website Development.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Some Flyer Ideas For Marketing …..

15 Ways To Increase Sales With Flyers


Increasing sales are a direct result of how well you promote your business. Flyers are a great way to increase sales on a minimal budget, and they work. With proper planning, a consistent strategy and good design execution, you too can increase sales and brand awareness almost instantly.
Below are some successful ways to use flyers to promote your product, service or business. Many of these ideas are industry specific for the sake of providing an example. You should adapt these ideas to your industry because they all work.

1. Grand Openings & New Promotions - Create a flyer. Ask your business neighbors if they would display the flyers on their counters. In exchange, do the same for them. Your neighbors will benefit from your opening as the area will get increased traffic. Also consider mailing your flyers to your friends, family and current customers.
2. Referral Cards - Provide your customers with a discount for referring other customers to you. One the front of the card include a discount for the new customer. On the back of the flyer include a place for the name and email of the person who referred them. This way you can email them a special thank you and a discount for their referral. People will be happy to tell others about your business when they're getting something back.
3. Holidays - Pass out flyers at holiday events with a special offer exclusively for people in attendance. Great for increasing holiday sales during St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Christmas or any other day that a holiday event that takes place in your area. If you're like so many other business owners that forget about brand awareness, this will give you at least several opportunities throughout the year to get in front of people to build your brand.
4. Direct Mail - Mail postcard size flyers to your customer list. Direct mail is a very inexpensive form of marketing. You'll save money when you use a mail service by qualifying for bulk mail rates versus paying for postage when sending the flyers out yourself. You'll be surprised at how fast you'll begin seeing repeat business. Remember out of sight, out of mind.
5. Festivals - Promote business at festivals with flyers. Lots of people = Lots of opportunities.
6. Message Boards - Many eateries and public places have message boards filled with boring business cards. One up your competition with a flyer that talks about your services instead of your job title, fax and email address. Include a good call to action and watch your response rate soar.
7. Product Launch - Have a new product in your store, promote it with flyers outside your store. If the only people that know about your new product are your current customers, get outside and always have a flyer in hand to leave behind.
8. Bag Stuffers - Use flyers as bag stuffers by including a £ amount or percentage off of the customers next purchase. Place a coupon inside each and every bag that leaves your place of work.
9. Sports Schedules - Have children? Nieces? Nephews? Create a flyer with their sports schedule on one side and your business on the other. You get instant recognition for sponsoring their team and the kids will be more than happy to pass them out to friends and family to get more people to the their games.
10. Partnerships - Own a car wash? Build a relationship with a nearby car dealership then create a flyer that offers a discount for a car wash. Be sure to add the dealership to the the flyer and they'll be happy to leave them in the waiting area or pass them out to new buyers as a bonus for buying their new car. Do this with multiple dealerships if the budget allows, but be sure to only have one dealership per flyer.
11. Candy-grams - Punch two holes in your flyers (card stock) and slide a lollipop through the opening. Pass these flyers out at festivals, parades, public functions at your local park, public pools, etc.
12. Convenient Stores - Your customers shop at convenient stores daily, ask the store manager if you can leave small A7 or A6 page flyers on their counters. Purchase a stand or case to stack your flyers in to make sure you don't clutter the counter. The manager will appreciate the personal touch and tidy up your display for you.
13. Insurance - Own an insurance agency? Pass out small flyers at bike nights in your area with a good call to action about low cost motorcycle insurance. Its about hitting the right market!
14. Childrens Nursery or School - Shake hands, kiss babies and pass out flyers at every public family event you can imagine (fairs, festivals, church picnics, or any where that children are with their families). Add a personal touch with sugar free lollipops and win over the parents. Be prepared to talk about your business and hit key points on your flyer.
15. Doctors - Looking for new patients? Strike a deal with a neighboring business like a salon to give you a discount off say a half hour massage. Offer a free massage for new patients on your flyer and display them at the salon. You pay the salon for the massage at a discounted rate and your flyers are prominently displayed in a higher traffic business. Win/Win! Order a good amount as the salon will want to pass them out to increase their business also.
Again, these examples were written specific to an industry only as examples. They will work in any industry, for any business. The idea is to implement them and be consistent when doing so. Combine and add to these ideas for even greater impact. Increased sales, brand awareness and new customers are just a flyer away. Be sure to check back often for new flyer ideas. Good Luck with your marketing.

What's Next? Get Flyers… www.halfpriceprint.co.uk (hint hint)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Scratch Cards - A great way to promote your business!

Scratch Cards - Giving Your Customers A Chance To be Winners!

We now offer specially printed Scratch cards that you can offer to
your customers as 'freebies', or use as promotional tools to promote
your business in a more unique.

For Example; Every Scratch Card could offer a 10% discount off your
services, with some free prizes thrown into the mix including
the star prize - Its a great way to get noticed.

The cards can be printed on various grades of card - we have quoted them
on 250g Card - Colour Print Both Sides - With Latex Scratch Material On One 
Side. These are credit card size and take between 7 and 14 days to print.

We are offering the Scratch Cards on special offer at the moment:

100 x £130 +vat
250 x £135 +vat
500 x £145 +vat
1000 x £155 +vat
2000 - £160 +vat
3000 - £185 +vat
5000 - £210 +vat
10,000 - £260 +vat
20,000 - £380 +vat

Larger quantities available upon request at competitive prices

Design service available at £30 vat

Another unique marketing and promotion print idea from Gloucester &
Cheltenham premier communications & print specialists.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The CHEAPEST Presentation Folders ...

The Perfect Way To Present Yourself …….

When presenting information or quotations to clients we all
know how important it is to create the right image and there
is no better, or more professional image than presenting
the information in a beautifully branded presentation folder.

Normally hugely expensive, for the whole of January we
are offering clients 100 folders for just £1 each.

YES …… 100 Folders For Just £1 Each

The folders are
- 350g Artboard
- Matt Laminated
- Single Side Print
- Available In A5 or A4
- Free Delivery To One UK Mainland Address

Spot UV and Double Sided Printing Available
At An Extra Charge - Prices Available Upon Request

For January Only - 100 Folders - Just £100 +vat

From Smart Communications SW Ltd and www.halfpriceprint.co.uk
Gloucester & Cheltenham's most competitive printers. 

Prices Quoted Are Exclusive Of Vat