Monday, 18 April 2011

Business Landlines - Do you have Donald Trumps Budget?

If your business is anything like Smart Communications SW Ltd, you
will understand how important telephones are to your business.

However .... Do you have a telephone budget and bank balance 
to match Donald Trump, and the Trump Organisation.

We know at we work hard to keep our
overhead and running costs as low as possible, and a great way to reduce costs 
is to switch to 'Smart Talk' for your business landlines and broadband.

I think people are sceptical when you say you can save money by switching
but it is FREE to do, simple and you will see savings immediately.

Steve Unett Aerials Ltd in Gloucester have just one analogue line. It was
with BT and he was paying about £950 a quarter. By switching to Smart Talk
it was reduced to around £500 a quarter - a HUGE saving.

With Smart Talk ............

- The monthly line rental is cheaper.
- The call costs are cheaper
- All Landline calls are just 1p per minute
- All mobile calls are just 8.5p per minute
- All calls are billed per second
- There are NO hidden charges
- It is FREE & SIMPLE to transfer to Smart Talk
- You keep all the same services as you get with BT
- You get BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE from Smart Talk

For more information contact in Gloucester and
Cheltenham and ask for a free 'like-for-like' cost analysis.

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  1. Rydal Communications LTD currently sell there business mobiles and Business Landlines from the Peterborough office. Having always concentrated on the local Peterborough Telecom market They are very keen to stretch our horizons and start attracting national business.