Monday, 18 April 2011

First Impressions Do Count ......

When meeting clients for the first time remember 'first impressions do 
count' - something we have recently covered in a recent Blog post
when talking about the quality of business cards you give to customers.

This week Michael Collings turned up for the Britains Got Talent auditions
in a terrible outfit, sounding a little dopey and shared the news he lived
in a trailer park and had proposed to his fiance in a 'all you can eat'
Chinese restaurant over a pint of beer. He sounded amazing, but do
you think he would have been afforded the opportunity to showcase
his talent anywhere else because of the way he looked and talked.
We think generally 'No' because first impressions count. 

So our message is clear and simple. You may not be as lucky as
Michael if your first impression is not great so make sure you:

- Have great marketing materials - Quality Products & Design
- Always offer a great business card to customers
- Meet in an appropriate place (i.e. not a lay-by off the A1)
- Dress to impress - look the part
- Be polite and courteous, but also personable
- Always be prepared

Remember this advice offered by
that "First Impressions Do Count"

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