Thursday, 12 May 2011

Not One Of Our Normal SMART Posts ....

For those of you that may have those things called jobs… let us introduce to you Chelsea Charms, the proud owner of the world’s biggest breasts, sizing in at 164XXX (frankly, that is NOT a bra size, that is an upcoming Vin Diesel film). Our jaws literally dislocated themselves when she popped up on our screens at approximately 12:14pm on This Morning.
Kudos to Pip Schofield who managed to keep his gaze strictly eye level, but let’s just forget the guise of proper journalism for a minute – and just have a gawp at them – UNBELIEVEABLE. What’s even more difficult to comprehend, Chelsea’s charms have not even finished growing yet. She (voluntarily?!) had them enhanced using polypropylene (anything to do with polyfilla?!) injections which creates liquid to fill the boob up… indefinitely! SCARY.
Surely this sort of thing must compromise her day to day living? Chelsea did admit to Pip and Ruth Langsford that she does struggle, particularly squeezing into aeroplane toilets. She also admitted ‘Itsy and Bitsy’ as she lovingly calls them, often prove a bit of an obstruction and she has trouble reaching the dinner table over them. Maybe she could just use them as some sort of shelf with her cleavage as a cup holder?
Big thanks go out to Ruth, who asked the question we were all thinking: ‘Where exactly do your nipples go?’ (they kind of spread out with everything else, since you ask). But still, no one really asked the question on our minds: JUST. WHY?
Since her appearance, the world has literally gone mad for Chelsea, who even trended on Twitter. This Morning received 4000 Facebook comments from stunned viewers.
At Smart Communications We Were Astounded When We Saw This Article In The News Today
Some People Just Aren't SMART are they!!!!

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