Tuesday, 10 May 2011

#GlosBiz Titbits including Scam & Virus Warnings ......

Cheap Advertising, Virus Warning, Scam Warnings + More

www.smart-comms.co.uk would like to offer some useful titbit's to
local #GlosBiz and our customers to help make your day a little better

Computer Virus - There is a new virus circulating that comes in the form of
an email in your inbox. It has a telephone number in the Subject Field so
it appears to be a Multi-Media Message (MMS) from a mobile phone.

If you don't recognise the sender don't open it - it is likely to be a virus
that will affect your computer. Thanks to Steve Davis at The Cotswold
Computer Medic in Kingsholm (Glos) for this great warning!

Smart Communications have been made aware of some great advertising
opportunities from both Keep It Gloucestershire and My Churchdown, both
of which are excellent local colour magazines distributed in Glos.

Contact me for contact details and I will point you in the right direction!

We received a phone call today from a 'so-called' computer company
saying we have 'error messages' on our PC and they could resolve the
problem by entering 'eventvwr' into the programmes part of the PC.

This is a scam and if they call you just disconnect the call.

If you accept cheques, a warning that cheque guarantee cards will
soon be 'no-longer' so please make sure you are aware of your
rights regarding taking cheques by contacting your bank.

And finally - do you need any storage space? The Storage King
in Barnwood, Gloucester is offering your 1st Month Storage (any size) 
for just £1 ..... no minimum contract to sign either.

Thanks For Reading & We Hope This Information Helped!

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