Monday, 31 January 2011

Look at me celebrating 'going green' with Glevum Heating ...

Have you heard about PV Energy?

The concept is simple but effective, green and reduces your carbon footprint.

I am no expert on the subject but I will explain it to you best I can! will put PV energy (i.e. Solar Panels etc) onto
your house, office or building and that will generate heat and energy for you
to use - and the excess energy you dont use is sold back to the National Grid
at an agreed rate which will be help for you for 25 years.

The basic commercials for this are simple:
A standard house will pay approximately £10,000 for the supply & install of the PV
A standard house will generate £25,000 of energy over 25 years
This saves you £15,000 (more if energy prices rise) = Saving £600 a year

Glevum Heating Limited are Gloucestershires PV Energy experts and have a PV Energy
showroom in Gloucester where they can talk you though the concept of PV energy
and provide you wit a FREE no-obligation price.

To contact Glevum Heating Ltd - Visit

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