Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mobile WiFi For your Phone, Laptops and iPads - New From Smart Communications SW Ltd

WiFi on the move with MiFi from Smart Communications SW Ltd

www.smart-comms.co.uk in partnership with Orange are customers
a new product that is a lifesaver for Business and Consumer customers alike.

Imagine you bought an Apple iPad 32Gb Wifi Version for £500 - but what use
is it when you leave the house and lose the WiFi signal? None is the answer!

Nor is a Laptop without a USB dongle.

The MiFi from http://www.smart-comms.co.uk/ offers you mobile WiFi wherever you
travel within the UK and the best thing about it - you can connect up to five
devices to it at the same time - great for couples and business colleagues
who are able to share the WiFi signal from the MiFi device.

The unit is about the size of the palm of your hand and it is available on 18-month
contracts from http://www.smart-comms.co.uk/ in Gloucestershire.

3Gb a month - £15 +vat per month - MiFi unit purchase cost £120 +vat
5Gb a month - £20 +vat per month - MiFi unit purchase cost £90 +vat
10Gb a month - £25 +vat per month -  MiFi unit purchase cost £60 +vat

Smart Communications have a demonstration unit allowing you to
see the device working before you buy one - Contact Tony on
07971 399099 or tony@smart-comms.co.uk to arrange a demonstration.

"Stay On the Down Lo - With WiFi Wherever You Go" 

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