Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Micro-Brewery In Gloucester?

PLANS have been drawn up for Gloucester to have its very own brewery, and right in the city centre.
A planning application has been made to Gloucester City Council for a microbrewery at an existing Waterways Museum workshop at Llanthony Warehouse in the Docks.
It is proposed the business will sell real ale to local pubs, hotels, and independent retailers.
The applicant, Gloucester Brewery, also intend to offer tours and sell bottled ale on site to visitors.
The building itself will not change externally except for a small chimney for extraction purposes.
Jared Brown, of Gloucester Brewery, said: "Overall we want to maintain the authenticity of the building and ensure the brewery installation works in sympathy with the existing architecture.
"We plan to upgrade the floor to a polyurethane hard wearing surface, paint the inside walls with a waterproof polyurethane finish, and install the standard brewing equipment.
"We also hope to include a small customer area as we intend to offer brewery tours to members of the public and sell off trade bottled ale."
He added that recycling will also be high on their agenda should the application be successful.
"Gloucester Brewery is committed to recycling as much waste as possible and plans to utilise the local recycling centre at Hempsted for this purpose for example cardboard, paper, glass and plastics," said Mr Brown.
The ale will be made on site with locally sourced ingredients.
Meanwhile, the machinery onsite will be a 10 barrel brewing plant which will include a water tank, mash tun, copper boiler, fermentation vessels, casks, cask washer, and a bottling machine.
Leader of Gloucester City Council Paul James has backed the plans.
He said: "Having a micro-brewery would be an added attraction for people visiting the Docks.
"Coots has held beer festivals in the past, so this would be a good link as well. A city like Gloucester should have its own brewery, even if it is just a small one."
Neighbours are currently being consulted on the issue and have until Monday, July 18 to submit their views to Gloucester City Council. Thereafter the proposal will go before the council's planning committee.

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