Friday, 25 March 2011

R U a Small Business paying a fortune to divert your landline to your mobile .... Solution Here!

Smart Communications SW Ltd are now in a great position to offer Small Business
Customers the great opportunity to save Orange customers money on call diverts.

If you have a 'landline' at home we can offer to transfer that number across to the Orange network. When people dial your 'landline number' it will divert to your mobile phone (telling you it is a pocket landline call) free of charge.

The monthly line rental for Pocket Landline from is
£15 +vat a month for the line rental + 1000 diverted minuted per month.

How much can you save?

If your diverted calls cost 12p per minute (which is about average) you will save:

300 diverted mins x 12p = £36 (We save you £21pm)
500 diverted mins x 12p = £60 (We save you £45pm)
800 diverted mins x 12p = £96 (We save you £81pm)
1000 diverted mins x 12p = £120 (We save you £105pm) ccan save you £100's of pounts over the year by switching to Pocket Landline. You will never lose your number and it saves you paying a monthly bill at home/office for a line you never use for outgoing calls.

For more information about Pocket Landlines and the best mobile phone and landline deals in Gloucester, Cheltenham and the whole of Gloucestershire contact Tony at Smart Communications SW Ltd on 01452 527800.

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