Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Need A New Business Website? ..... We advise you to choose wisely ....

Be A SMARTIE When You Choose
Your Website Developer ...........

Smart Communications advise any business customers who are looking to have a new website developed and built to choose wisely.

It is easy for anybody with a basic knowledge of IT to design a website using specialist templates that are widely available on the web.

In less than 3 hours you can build a 5 page website that looks
pretty, has a few nice pictures on it and tells the story about your business. And all for £250 quid or so!

That sounds great in principle but in practise is that what you really need.

At Smart Communications we provide the pretty website, appropriate images etc etc etc ..... but we also ensure that:

- You are offered help and advice to optomise your website.
- You are given advice to allow people to find your website easily.
- You are given help and advice regards Blogs and Social Networking Sites.

In addition we work with you to create the website you want, not the website that the template you choose allows.

We add features you want and can even create websites that allow you to manage them on an ongoing basis.

All of our websites are extremely competetively priced and come with a guarantee of quality.

Remember - Your website is your business 'shop window' and your number one marketing tool - its a part of your business worth investing in to get it right - and by doing this it will provide a huge return on your investment. For more information contact for a great website at a great price.

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