Thursday, 29 December 2011

Do You Need QR Code Stickers ….

QR Codes are becoming more and more popular due to the ease
in which we can scan the code and instantly be directed to a
website, sound-clip or video message of the QR code owner.

At Smart Communications we understand that many people are
not using QR codes on marketing materials and catalogues because
they have been printed and they don't want to waste money.

Why not buy some glossy laminated stickers from Smart
Communications bearing your QR code and stick them wherever
you want to - saving you the cost of marketing reprints.

We can create any size stickers you require at great prices, but an
example of the prices is shown below:

500 - 45mm x 45mm Round Corner Stickers - £45 +vat
1000 - 45mm x 45mm Round Corner Stickers - £55 +vat

And we can create your QR Code for free if you so require.

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For More info About QR Codes Please Watch the Video Below And
If We Can Help Further With QR Code requirements Please Call:

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